About designer Graham Hill

by Maria Raquel Bonifacino

Grahan Hill promotes small spaces as if this is the solution to being happy.

Since the beginning of humanity, man has sought new spaces expanding from Africa to the rest of the planet. From caverns to hotels built of ice, from tents in the desert to floating houses, from igloos to mountain peaks, human beings have adapted to living in any space and place, even in those most extreme and odd.

Happiness does not depend on the size of the space where we live because, it does not come from the outside to us, conversely, it is born in our soul and mind, subsequently, is projected to our habitat, deeply influencing it. In times of pandemic, we become aware of the importance of housing space and even more so if we have children, pets or both.

In TED s video He asks : Would having fewer material things make us more miserable?

The answer would be determined by the type of work that each person does and the kind of material they accumulate.

We live in societies subordinate to the economy, many people have made their fortune based on the purchase and sale of waste materials such as plastic, cardboard and glass, among others, and garbage is used to create compost and it is a great experienced entrepreneurship in Norway and Holland.

In conclusion, we do not have the character of bees to settle for living in a honeycomb we are more like birds for that reason it does not matter if the cage is made of gold, we will be much happier in open spaces.

Two of the writer’s mantras are “small is sexy” and “think small”. As far as I am concerned, our hearts must be sexy, our thoughts big and minds open because, we don’t need people with small thoughts and boring hearts.

2 comentarios en “About designer Graham Hill

  1. Small is easier to maintain, or clean. Small is affordable for a large segment of the population. More importantly, in a world with massive die-offs of species due to climate change, small is a smaller carbon footprint, making life better for more.

    Granted, happiness comes from within but we might as well live with a thought towards our responsibilities to others we share the planet. Sometimes small can be hygge, or it can be a comforting place to recharge our batteries, it can be our elegant little home.*

    *Eeeeyeah, my home is too big. HUGE sorepoint between me and mine. If too much of your time sis spent cleaning and taking care of your stuff, you got too much stuff. 🙂

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