About me

  I am Uruguayan and I live in Argentina. I was born in Montevideo in the middle of spring and settled down in Buenos Aires many years ago, one Christmas Eve. I am the author of more than 18 books, a painter of Transrealism, a fashion photographer, a poetess , songwriter, and a businesswoman.

People ask me in which of all my activities I see myself represented and I always answer that I am all of them because human beings are not just a label, luckily we are much more complex.

Two of my passions are teaching and learning for that reason I am a Creative and Emotional Intelligence Coach, because is other way to express our feelings and paths to develop interpersonal communications. For many years I was a fashion and commercial model, at the same time I have dedicated myself to training actors, announcers and models, making TV programs, radio, videos and fashion events.

I love animals and I have worked collaborating with aid organizations and institutions to find houses, food and care for them. I have learned more from my pets than any school could have taught me. For these reasons I am vegetarian trusting that one day we will all respect and recognize them as superior beings.

My family came from Italy, originally from Venice, some of them migrated to Liguria and Verona. Bonifacino is also a dialect.  Bonifacino until the mid-nineteenth century was spoken by practically the entire population of Bonifacio, while today it is spoken by a very small minority between 600 and 800 people in the approximately 2,700 inhabitants of the country.

I do not follow any leader, I only stick to  my principles but I try to have  an inspirational attitude from which people or society can profit from.

 Not hurting anyone or anything is being my learning and project of life.